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Happiness is an inside job

Find out how to cultivate happiness and contentment on the inside - no matter what your external circumstances.

You can:

  • quickly raise your physical, emotional and mental energy

  • learn habits that support the biochemistry of happiness

  • discover a natural state of peace and joy - no matter what is going on in your life

  • understand the most important ways to improve your relationships.


Happy Woman

Helene is an  educator and counselor with many years of experience helping her clients and students achieve their best possible lives. She runs face-to-face and online interactive workshops based on the work of Marci Shimoff, author of the # 1 New York Times bestseller 'Happy For No Reason'. 

Get those happiness chemicals pumping. Helene's sessions are dynamic, fun and engaging and she guarantees you will leave with simple yet powerful tools to boost your happiness and well being.

Try the free ‘Happy for No Reason’ quiz to check your current level of happiness. Scroll to the end of the quiz for instructions on how to score.


How did you score? Whatever your score, you can always move toward being happier. It doesn’t matter where you begin; what matters is that you do begin. If this quiz highlighted some areas you might like to work on, contact Helene to join her next workshop.


A percentage of income from each workshop will be donated to the Happy Boxes Project, which supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and women in remote communities by sending them self care products.

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