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I recently completed the “Life Transitions Workshop Series” with Helene. As I approach the big 5-OH, I’ve been feeling quite at sea with real physical, emotional and hormonal changes. Come to this program with an open mind and heart and a willingness to do some work, some introspection, some deep thinking, and come away with some new ideas and awareness. It’s been a wonderful experience. Helene facilitates with care and compassion. Her experience and knowledge is immense. I would highly recommend this program.

Pamela C

I recently attended a workshop run by Helene about happiness. I have an optimistic attitude but a fair few curve balls and busyness have come my way in the last few years. So I was keen to reconsider my own happiness and how I manage and make time for it. I not only enjoyed the workshop, but I had some take home ideas and messages useful to me. I learnt some new information about happiness and have started to apply them to my thinking and actions. I therefore highly recommend this useful workshop.

Cath H

The Happiness Workshop prompted me to think in a different way about happiness. It was easy to feel relaxed with Helene's confident and professional presentation and sharing of her own experiences. In each section there were useful points which we were encouraged to talk about but there was no pressure. I enjoyed the references to a number of different authors and recommendations for further reading and I came away feeling inspired to use a number of the strategies Helene introduced to us. Thank you!

Anne M


Helene has been running our women’s support group with a calm, kind and friendly approach. She is patient, knowledgeable and supportive using good ideas and wisdom distilled from her experience in a diversity of previous roles. I am delighted to recommend her as a coach, counsellor and wise guide.

Lorraine P, Support group member












Helene is able to give you whatever time is necessary for you to tell your story and she is able to humanise what can be very emotional. She has a way of ensuring that all individuals have a say about what concerns them, with them knowing they will be listened to and will not be judged. She seems to be able to help women find their own way - whether they are looking for peace, happiness or acceptance…or just someone to talk to. Helene has a good sense of timing in terms of knowing not only what to say, but when to say it. Through developing relationships she helps build upon what inner strengths we have. 

Christine B, Unley, South Australia

You are warm and easy to talk to and have that wonderful gift of making all people you have contact with feel valued.    

Jen, Bereavement training program


I really appreciate the deep well of wisdom out of which you spring. 

Angela, Bereavement training program.

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